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For the love of Apple: Two new Apple Stores set to open in India soon!

Updated: Apr 17

Apple has announced the opening of two new retail stores in India, namely Apple BKC in Mumbai and Apple Saket in Delhi, on April 18 and April 20, respectively. These stores mark a significant expansion in India and will offer customers new ways to browse, discover, and buy Apple products, along with exceptional service and experiences.

The barricade for Apple Saket has a unique design inspired by Delhi's gates and celebrates the city's past. Beginning April 20, customers will have the opportunity to explore Apple's latest product lineup, find creative inspiration, and receive personalised service and support from the store's team of Specialists, Creatives, and Geniuses. In addition, customers can download custom Apple Saket wallpapers, specially curated playlists on Apple Music, and visit to learn more about the upcoming opening in Delhi.

In honour of the first Apple Store opening in India, Apple BKC has planned a special Today at Apple series called "Mumbai Rising," which will run from opening day through the summer, offering hands-on activities that celebrate the local community and culture in Mumbai. Customers can explore the "Mumbai Rising" sessions and sign up at Apple BKC will open on April 18 at 11 a.m. IST, and customers can also download custom Apple BKC wallpapers and visit to learn more about the upcoming opening in Mumbai.

The Price Tag Conundrum:

Apple appears to have struck a better deal for its retail store in Mumbai, situated at Reliance Jio World Drive mall. Rumours suggests that the company has leased a larger space of approximately 20,800 square feet for 11 years and is receiving an exclusive zone in the mall. In contrast, for the Delhi store located at Select Citywalk mall, Apple has leased a smaller space of 8,417.83 square feet for 10 years, with a monthly rent of roughly Rs 40 lakh and a revenue share contribution. Nevertheless, the opening of both stores marks a significant expansion for Apple in India, and it will provide customers with exceptional service and experiences.

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